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Distillation Plant Flow Chart Explanation

Distillation Process Flow Diagrams

Distillation Plant

Distillation System

Crude oil will be put into the pretreatment oil tank, after sediment and reaction with catalyst, it will be sent into evaporation oil tank for evaporate, heating system will support  recycling heat of the oil to separate oil in different temperature, after evaporated oil gas will come through cooling system to be cooled down into light oil, it will be collected in the temporary oil tank with cooling pipe, tail gas will be collected by extra gas gathering device, and negative system will make a vacuum state in order to keep a negative pressure state for the process of evaporation, so it will reduce the distillation temperature and control the highest collecting effect of the light oil efficiently.

Waste tire/ plastic /engine oil distillation plant made up by five systems: pretreatment system, evaporation system, cooling system, negative system and heating system.

Pretreatment system made up by oil input pump, oil output pump, pretreatment tank, stirring air pump and so on.

Evaporation system made up by Evaporation tank, heavy oil storage tank, supply machine , and gathering machine.

Cooling system made up by Plate condenser, temporary oil tank with cooling pipe, extra gas gathering machine, condenser pump, temporary oil tank pump, water pool.

Negative control system made up by vacuum buffer tank, vacuum pump, water pool and so on. 

Heating system made up by reactor, dust removal device.