Energy Degradation using continuous flow reactor. 

The mass enters in the special continuous flow reactor without the addition of catalytic compounds, where it is subjected to temperatures up to 400°C in neutral atmosphere . The applied temperatures depend on the feeding material.

The raw material enters the reactor where it is stirred continuously in order to exploit the specific surface of the particles and the effective yield of fission reactions of carbon chain.

The main products of this stage are:

*Gaseous fraction which is led for:

      Liquified gas fuel production

      System energy needs

*Liquid fraction

*Solid fraction (mainly char)

Stage 3

Filtering of liquid material for removing viscous parts (tar and/or carbon).The final liquid product before storage goes to proper filtration– refining device and removal of solid impurities (viscous fuel) from the liquid product. This is a vertical muliti-layer filtration device comprising porous media – cleaning filters.

Stage 7

Stage 2

Stage 4

Stage 6

The pellet entry to the Material pretreatment rotating reactor system in order to remove any humidity and are led to the Reactor feeding system with integrated safety-relief system mechanical degradation (homogenization) The material is led to the Main Reactor which is equipped with mechanical degradation system where takes place the homogenization of the material using high frequency homogenization pulsators.

Process Flow

Condensation of produced reaction gases in liquefied gas fuel, using a multistage system of condensers.
By the vertical condensers system, the condensation of hot gases to liquefied gas fuel is achieved within the tubes.

Stage 1

Stage 5

Desulfurization of liquid material using an innovative method concerning a combination of high-tech technologies.

UV Degradation-Exposure to UV radiation in order to to change the material properties. The material to be treated becomes unstable, and therefore will be degraded rapidly and to a lower temperature.

Method description

Pellets feeding to the system
The continuous and smooth feeding from the Feeding storage silo takes place through material dosing air transportation system.